Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am almost a full week late on posting this .
We've been dealing with so much illness in the home lately , needed to focus on getting  us well first.
This past week I decided to write about the element of Earth for my post in the Pagan Blog project for the letter E .
With all my writing about education of sustainable wildcrafting , eating wild , growing local it seemed a good fit .
Then the news letter from Sacred Earth came in and something really it home for me
This statement in particular
" Denial is a schizophrenic state of mind "
Wow ! those who know me and my work to educate regarding abuse of children and advocating for victims & survivors of abuse have also probably read my statement and writings regarding denial is a form of mental illness .
Well it brought to light how this state is always present in any type of abuse .Be it sexual , physical , emotional and yes Environmental !
Is that not what I've been writing about ? defending & protection !
Yet often people are tricked by the outer image , we all know just because the outer shell appears perfect and good what is on the inside may be very much a different story .
Here in Canada there is a known practice of clearcutting , companies leave a wall of trees along the hwy , people driving out to cottage country like to see the wilderness in all its glory , pristine Canadian shield , untouched . NOT !
Just beyond that tree line in fact often are hundreds of acres cut down , gone .
Look at the tar sands . The big oil has now put out advertising on tv showing how safe and wonderful their practices are . The images used all show clean forest , a tidy educated worker speaking .
Of course they do not show the retention ponds with the toxic scum , the dirty water which was once fresh taken from the land . the birds which land on these ponds in their migratory cycle only to be soaked and die . never mind the effect on the ground underneath . the vast tracts of land used by machines , pipelines built .
No one promotes decreased use . Even when speaking of decreasing consumption of fossil fuels it is always just spoken of how we can find alternative sources to maintain the consumption of power and in fact how can we increase it .
We have the debate of the huge hyrdo bipole line to be built on what side of the lake . no one speaks of not building the line and decreasing consumption .
what I have learned about the behaviour of people is we defend our right to have it easy . Even the so called liberal mined earth friendly types somehow have a legitimate reason to fly to Costa Rica , after all they are taking an eco trip , volunteering at a wildlife refuge etc.
Every single person loves some aspect of convience and it is incredibly difficult to leave the habit of convenience .
There are examples all over the world of people putting up image to cover environmental abuse .
The use of palm oil has resulted in local peoples giving up natural resources to grow palms so oil can be shipped all over the world . Everyone is familiar with the rain forests of the amazon , how about the mega resorts being built for tourists with the gorgeous golf courses and marinas . whole eco systems are lost and peoples displaced . In many of these places it has led to implementing slavery and very often child slavery .
So back to the Project !
How does this tie in for me today ?
Well the first week of the project is beginning !
It's Never Too Late to Begin!

I think I pretty much said my why Lol .
but how do I begin , someone old like me .
Remembering , we all forget stuff, the who we are , our purpose , our roles as Mum , partner , a person within community etc.
 So I am remembering me . My role as Rox , strong tree woman . My focus to do my best to educate family , community here and out there .
My love of earth and what this gift means to me .
I remembered my very first Earth Day and how I was shocked to find out when it first began . It is shameful to me that with the being around for so long not more people know of it .
I remembered how I could not do much in regards to activities that first yr because I was tandem nursing our two boys , yet thinking now well maybe I was example to another young Mother . Encouraging someone else to live a healthier wholesome life , being example is so very important and it can be done in just small ways like that .
So my first week really has just been the remembering the Earth . This is my gift , my commitment , to try and not forget .
To educate & be example .
I hope I'm doing a good job so far  .
I'd like to also leave by suggesting a few videos to watch which really have influenced my own ethics etc.

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