Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wonderful Web Witches Award

Wow ! I won an Award !
This is an award put on by Pagan By Design and the Lovely Polly , who does take the time to pop in and visit me . Thanks Polly for all You do . 
Remember awards ? I have not seen nor recieved one in what seems yrs .
I feel honoured because frankly I don't think to many people visit my blog and is it even interesting ?
I just love to write , it gets stuff out of my head lol
These awards are given out every Wed. and we can nominate people or ourselves even .
So please pop on over and check out this week's award winners .
wishing you the very witchy best for today & everyday


  1. Well, you just have one more visitor, dear cunning crone. Polly has an eye for wonderful blogs, so I'm here to stay, especially if you like to write. I have something for writers ;-)

  2. You're so very deserving Rox! It's nice to be recognized now and again ~ especially when your efforts bring us such goodness in the Pagan realm!

    Smiles and Congratulations!

    Aw, thank you Miss Magaly :D I'm so pleased to introduce you to the awesome Witchy-ness I've been lucky to find in my travels 'round the web.