Friday, April 27, 2012

Healing & Indigenous Gardening with Deer Spirit

PBP~ Letters H & I 

I've not been writing at all the last month . This is in fact my first post on the new improved blogger .Lol you'd think blogger would not be underlined in spell check on its own website but it is ;-)
I also did not get my H post done for last week . I kept feeling rushed and not ready .
Turns out my post for H & I mesh so well together I can do both in one shot .
Some of my followers are also my friends and know this info but many of you will not have known our ds11 Adventure boy as I call him online had been gradually been getting more and more ill since last spring . well in retrospect we see it began last spring because he began to complain his legs were sore . He no longer wanted to do swimming lessons or running etc. Another parent reminded me of growing pains . Something I'd totally forgot about as our kids who did experience them were children #2 & #4 . so growing pains I thought well it shall pass . 
nope , over summer months he became more and more picky with diet , he also began to lack energy 
Then come late Autumn his hair began to thin . All the time we were thinking diet , I kept trying to add stuff to his diet , take stuff out etc. 
Adventure boy's spirit name is He Who Gives Joy . Well to look at our ds I won't lie it scared me . he had sort of a hollow look .
In about mid Jan. I began praying to Creator and asking about ds . The deer spirit kept coming to me .
Our ds has had a connection with the Deer spirit for a very long time .He has encountered Deer , always large bucks to be exact when out on his own as a young child . He also has a thing with finding antlers . 
I asked my teacher what Deer represent and I had known for sometime Deer represent many things , one thing is the gift of life . So I began praying how can life come back to our ds . Help our ds 's life of joy return . 
Well I have to say this is where I am so very grateful my mother is a nurse .I honestly think had she been born in a different era she'd have been a great Dr. my friends and family always ask my Mum for advice on medical stuff and the one gift she is great at is diagnosis .
 she phoned me to say she really felt it was a hypothyroid issue . So we took him into see the dr. he even thought it was low iron . Nope he called the next day to say ds tested as low thyroid ! Bingo ! 
So You may be wondering how does this tie in to Indigenous gardening . Well it does and it very much is Deer Spirit leading because I am chosing to listen ☺
The same time ds was being diagnosed I just by chance got in to the Grow Local Food conference .
I was so excited because Winona Laduke was speaking and there were many First Nations people attending .
The day I attended it was just me and my friend Mary sitting at a table . A woman decided to join us . well her name is Audrey Logan .I had no idea she was also a presenter at the conference ! Lol we just gabbed I never got to hear her speak . However I did at the next gathering for Aboriginal women at the University . Audrey teaches through story all the history , the how to etc. of Indigenous gardening 
The First time I went out to the garden with Audrey & other Ladies our ds came with me . He still was not quite well yet and it took alot out of him to attend but it was the first warm sunny day in ages it was great for us .
You can read more about Audrey and the Indigenous gardening here at 
if You go on to read Gardening with Deer Spirit
and know how instinctively I have always been teaching Adventure boy how to garden . I just felt , it is a knowing , he is the one . He follows me to go picking rose petals and tree medicines etc.
 he is very small and he knows how to touch softly and walk gentle on the forest floor . 
So Deer Spirit has been guiding me all along to remember who our child is . 
Help to nourish his spirit and also to yes , listen to our Elders . Deer spirit led my Mother to help and led Audrey to encourage me to be the best mentor teacher I can be . 
I've no doubt our ds will grow into an Indigenous gardener  following & learning from Deer spirit 

Deer Spirit always sends him antlers . Antlers are used as planting tools in Indigenous gardening 

we will bless our garden with Deer Spirit this yr.


wild violets


we try and know plants in all seasons 

he also worked with his Dad in a traditional European type garden 

can you see is smile he truly knows plants he feels them , he connects ☺

helping Gramma with Asperagus

he very much wanted to grow his own corn 

soft and gentle spirit 

I am so happy he is well again so we can play again ! 
Thank You Beautiful Deer Spirit Giver of Life 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

PBP Letter H ~ Humour : hearts & dog

PBP Letter H

Yep it happened again , I think I was taking myself far to seriously . Once again trying to control the uncontrollable .
Sometimes we work so hard to pull it off, that perfect spell , that perfect event, that perfect happening , we sort of forget , hey this is life & life is the magic and sometimes shit just happens
At times when life is so hard we are struggling often suffering sometimes we really need a good whack on the noggin or a good kick in the butt or a fall on the face seems to be my preferred method of learning those hard lessons .
and then there are those times when bam in the middle of the heavy when You just are thinking it can't get much worse then this . bam something so off the top happens , You can't help but chuckle & think how this is going to be extremely laughable & a humorous memory for yrs to come .
So I'd been planning a pretty big ritual for sometime I sort of plan things out in my head then go abouts collecting items , making special things etc.
So the last week and half I'd made corn dolls , collected my hair from my hair brush , bought special chicken hearts and went out to our property to collect special plants & trees . All this to get ready then came the putting it all together !
I had my own corn doll to represent myself I braid my hair strands together and wrapped it round the waist .

I then crushed wild rose petals , lavender, rowan and sacred earth .
This was added to special oil & water
I then placed one heart for myself in this mixture

then came the next step , wasps

add in touch me not

rowan & bittersweet



dog piss tobacco ( a last minute add in ) and wormwood

then the haw thorns . these things are strong hard things very good for protection work

I've never attempted this spell before but took the idea from another and added my own plants , dolls etc. to make it my own . The intent is not to harm another but to stop them from harming your person or family members etc. the visual is quite dramatic I know !

so I finished them up

made mine by tying it on with more hair
then I had raffia

and I bound the rams of the dolls together to make a circle

they can all dance away from me & my family !

I then placed them outside in the fire pit .I had laid in a circle wood of willow , hawthorn & pine

I brought out my Kateri doll & Our Lady Mount Carmel candle
my little playmobile owl sits atop the sweetgrass belt on Katri .

We were all ready to go , Sharon the magic cat enjoying the view

I placed my doll  top a wash basin , it was finally ready to go !
then something happened !

Dog dog dog
yep I said dog

I had told my dd I'd watch him while she went out to eat .
I put him out back with our dogs . Lovely weather and all they'd be sure to be okay .
However our dogs at times find this one annoying so I thought I'd go see how they were getting along .
I still did not even think of my ritual prep til I glanced over at the pit . things looked out of place , then it clicked in my brain !

yep even a few had lost their heads !
help what to do !
my heart and the others all were deep inside the belly of this big floppy beast !
Oh no he ate the thorns and all !
have I just killed our dd dog ?
how do I tell her , well your dog just ate a whole batch of chicken hearts , by the way they were soaked in some not so great thing , by the way he gobbled up all the thorns too !
never mind she is going to think her Mum is totally wacked using chicken hearts and thorns in a ritual .
That is when I laughed to myself because I could hear the conversation at family dinners to come " remember the time fritz ate the hearts ! ? what was Mum doing anyway ? "
I got some great advice from my family at CPF on fb and doggie is fine . Didn't even faze him in the least .
so I went on

I by chance had a frozen pig heart so I took a piece off that and mixed it with new herbs for myself
I placed all my pine cones I'll be attaching to my shaman belt round my doll .
when the whole thing was over I bagged her and am burying her on our property up a top the hill over looking all the land ☺
I luckily had some of the mixture still saved to throw on the fire so I soaked the pig heart in that .

Then the fire came

it was a gorgeous fire , my first in the city since Yule .
I saw many dancing figures in the fire as the night went by
as well as a beautiful crone hand

and that was it . I just waited til nothing was left just coals .
It was so peaceful and soothing .
I smile & chuckle and am so happy don't sweat the big stuff and appreciate the little .
I love that big dopey dog I can't help but laugh and be happy when I see him the big goof ball .
In the end my stuff got done but honestly was it that big of a deal if it didn't work out .what did work out was I lightened up , I/we enjoyed the fire and legacy hey if anything I will be remembered as the granny who can make people laugh , with the help of a few of my animal friends ;-)
I also think this is probably the last time I attempt the chicken heart spell !