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Healing & Indigenous Gardening with Deer Spirit

PBP~ Letters H & I 

I've not been writing at all the last month . This is in fact my first post on the new improved blogger .Lol you'd think blogger would not be underlined in spell check on its own website but it is ;-)
I also did not get my H post done for last week . I kept feeling rushed and not ready .
Turns out my post for H & I mesh so well together I can do both in one shot .
Some of my followers are also my friends and know this info but many of you will not have known our ds11 Adventure boy as I call him online had been gradually been getting more and more ill since last spring . well in retrospect we see it began last spring because he began to complain his legs were sore . He no longer wanted to do swimming lessons or running etc. Another parent reminded me of growing pains . Something I'd totally forgot about as our kids who did experience them were children #2 & #4 . so growing pains I thought well it shall pass . 
nope , over summer months he became more and more picky with diet , he also began to lack energy 
Then come late Autumn his hair began to thin . All the time we were thinking diet , I kept trying to add stuff to his diet , take stuff out etc. 
Adventure boy's spirit name is He Who Gives Joy . Well to look at our ds I won't lie it scared me . he had sort of a hollow look .
In about mid Jan. I began praying to Creator and asking about ds . The deer spirit kept coming to me .
Our ds has had a connection with the Deer spirit for a very long time .He has encountered Deer , always large bucks to be exact when out on his own as a young child . He also has a thing with finding antlers . 
I asked my teacher what Deer represent and I had known for sometime Deer represent many things , one thing is the gift of life . So I began praying how can life come back to our ds . Help our ds 's life of joy return . 
Well I have to say this is where I am so very grateful my mother is a nurse .I honestly think had she been born in a different era she'd have been a great Dr. my friends and family always ask my Mum for advice on medical stuff and the one gift she is great at is diagnosis .
 she phoned me to say she really felt it was a hypothyroid issue . So we took him into see the dr. he even thought it was low iron . Nope he called the next day to say ds tested as low thyroid ! Bingo ! 
So You may be wondering how does this tie in to Indigenous gardening . Well it does and it very much is Deer Spirit leading because I am chosing to listen ☺
The same time ds was being diagnosed I just by chance got in to the Grow Local Food conference .
I was so excited because Winona Laduke was speaking and there were many First Nations people attending .
The day I attended it was just me and my friend Mary sitting at a table . A woman decided to join us . well her name is Audrey Logan .I had no idea she was also a presenter at the conference ! Lol we just gabbed I never got to hear her speak . However I did at the next gathering for Aboriginal women at the University . Audrey teaches through story all the history , the how to etc. of Indigenous gardening 
The First time I went out to the garden with Audrey & other Ladies our ds came with me . He still was not quite well yet and it took alot out of him to attend but it was the first warm sunny day in ages it was great for us .
You can read more about Audrey and the Indigenous gardening here at 
if You go on to read Gardening with Deer Spirit
and know how instinctively I have always been teaching Adventure boy how to garden . I just felt , it is a knowing , he is the one . He follows me to go picking rose petals and tree medicines etc.
 he is very small and he knows how to touch softly and walk gentle on the forest floor . 
So Deer Spirit has been guiding me all along to remember who our child is . 
Help to nourish his spirit and also to yes , listen to our Elders . Deer spirit led my Mother to help and led Audrey to encourage me to be the best mentor teacher I can be . 
I've no doubt our ds will grow into an Indigenous gardener  following & learning from Deer spirit 

Deer Spirit always sends him antlers . Antlers are used as planting tools in Indigenous gardening 

we will bless our garden with Deer Spirit this yr.


wild violets


we try and know plants in all seasons 

he also worked with his Dad in a traditional European type garden 

can you see is smile he truly knows plants he feels them , he connects ☺

helping Gramma with Asperagus

he very much wanted to grow his own corn 

soft and gentle spirit 

I am so happy he is well again so we can play again ! 
Thank You Beautiful Deer Spirit Giver of Life 

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