Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Book ~ They Knew Both Sides of Medicine

I am so excited I have a new book out from the library ! By the way I rarely purchase books unless the library does not have them plus buy secondhand .That is a gift to Mother Earth ☺
Anyway I've said before how I tend to like the real thing not fakey wakey new agey type books .
Of course the best expereince is hands on stories from elders ! After that books !
They knew both sides of medicine is so true !
again I've written about expereince with curses too and bad medicine people !
Yikes .
My first time I was just 13yo and my friends brother had been attacked by a bad medicine man on the reserve . so yet this she asked me to pray for him ! of all the kids in the class she asks me to pray for him to be safe ! It was some pretty freaky wild stuff but he got better as really good shaman helped him recover .
I have a thing for the Cree , I do I must say , it is the beadwork of the wqoodland Cree I love , I love the Boreal culture too of many tribes .
Like the book Cry of the Eagle this book is about the experiences of Cree Shaman
I'm interested to get into it !

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