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PBP Letter G ~ Grave Yard Rabbits

PBP Letter G
Grave Yard Rabbits

Okay I totally feel like I'm cheating on this because I already had this post in my drafts .
Graveyard Rabbits is a group I discovered whom like me are a group of people whom love graveyards !
What I gather is most often people just post about the grave stones and the cemeteries they find . Not so much a focus on the spiritual which is what is my attraction to graveyards .
I haven't actually joined them because we are supposed to make a blog dedicated to the rabbits and I quite frankly have so many blogs already so I think I'll stick to just writing on here when I visit a cemetery .
I also know this is not just a strictly pagan thing because frankly people of all religions are buried in graveyards .
The bigger graveyards will often even have sections designated for people of a certain religion .
This post sort of also falls under the topic of working with ancestors & spirits , familiars etc. which I've been wanting to touch on a bit .
So I and my family have always been comfortable in graveyards . These are places my soul feels soothed and most at home .
I was thrilled that our new property is just a short walk down the road to a small local cemetery .
I grew up believing I could commune with my ancestors , just like saints or angels whenever I like . It is not something reserved for only special shaman or witches , or holy people .
 You have every right and can speak to the dead whenever You like and need to .
Most often as children I find we will have one person or two who were ancestors who were very kind and compassionate people in this world who will walk with us , keep us safe , help us on what may turn out to not be a smooth journey in life later on .
I believe if we give this knowledge to children , they may have times they stray , get lost but the memory of a source that is powerful loving & strong will always be within them and they will not forget forever ;-)
I have always walked with my grandfather , a man I never met as he died when my Mother was only 7yo , but at about age 4yo he walked me along the lake shore , he is always with me to remind me of who I am . He told me I have eyes like the eagle and I can fly and see far . This is always how he comes to me bringing me back to the land & the lake , soaring over , watching all . Being well and strong , a good teacher .
As I grew more ancestors came to me , my great grandmother who was the midwife & local medicine woman . She helps me much in protection & healing of others .
My own grandmother helps me with issues of being a Mum and living simply . Just recently my old Auntie Freda who was the first fisherwoman on the lake comes to me helping me be strong . Be the bushwoman I'm called to be . I still see her always wearing her hair in a braid , plaid shirt and rubber boots . She is my inspiration to pick berries hour after endless hour day after day . She helps me walk with great Bear spirit in the bush to be brave & courageous .
When my dh & I lived in Michoacan MX the Day of the Dead festival , the pilgrimage to graveyards to light candles was just such a wonderful spiritual experience for me .
I felt totally at home .
A time of walking with souls which is of course my fav day of the year ☺
I/we tend to like the smaller cemeteries , the country ones , You find traveling down a gravel road sections of field or forest then there it will be small , well kept , softly speaking , welcoming visitors to share in memories .
I have 3 cemeteries I love very dearly I often pray my rosary there while the kids walk and talk .
I especially love to spend time with and at my great grand parents and grand parents graves . We sweep them clean , plant flowers or plants that grow naturally in the area .
I also feel very strongly to sit with the graves of babies or small children who have passed .
Something of concern that has been coming up is that of keeping graveyards eco friendly . People opting for cremation and more eco friendly burial options .
The fancy caskets tend to be made with pressure treated woods , toxic varnishes & stains etc.
How about using natural offerings on gravesites rather than plastic flowers ?
When my ex passed away 3 yrs ago , the choice was made to use a plain wooden box . He was then cremated .
Peoples used natural sources for burial purposes for thousands of yrs that were fine for the environment .
It is just over the last 100 yrs toxic things began to take place .
When my ex was placed in the wooden box I lined it with cedar and this is a natural Objibwe custom . Cedar helps the soul heal but it also helps preserve and keep things fresh .
When people pass we often lay familiar things within the resting place with them . When my grandmother passed away my Mum lay items from the lake shore with her and spruce bows .
I know the whole issue of graveyards is also bringing up the issue of land space , is this the best way to lay our dead to rest ?
After my ex was cremated his friends and our dd went out to the west coast to sprinkle his ashes in the ocean just as he had done with his commonlaw partners ashes two yrs before . This supposedly not legal , but who the heck knows and cares ? So there in Tofino BC they scattered his ashes with a fresh pot of coffee . It meant something to our dd and it honoured who he had been .
I personally love graveyards and the burying process . I like I have somewhere to walk with the dead although the dead are with us wherever we go . It connects me to my ancestors , I have a place I can do remembering and honouring . My children and grandchildren will always know they can return here .
There is another thing I wish to touch on , it is that of graveyard dirt .
Yep I know this is sort of becoming a popular practice within the witchy community .
I don't do this , taking the sacred earth from graveyards . I've never felt it right thing to do .
I use scared earth from the forest , the homestead of my ancestors instead . To me it is very holy earth .
Elders believe the earth our ancestors are buried in is sacred in a special way , all the area and land round the burial site is sacred . It is not to be removed nor disturbed . as soon as a shovel hits it unless for burial purpose the whole area will be contaminated .
So for me my instinctual thought to respect and not remove earth is true for me and my family . I believe it would not be respectful of the dead but disrespectful so I have no need to bring home graveyard dirt .
Below are some photos of the local graveyard and I hope to post more from our seasonal graveyard visits in the months to come ☺

Lighting candles Day of the Dead

placing Marigolds the flower of All Souls Day on the graves of loved ones

There are so many unique grave sites
I find my grandfathers grave to be one of the most beautiful and natural

The small graveyards tend to have a more personal touch of the local community .

The graveyard in the Pines is one of my favs reminds me of MX so much

The little ones are always so dear to me

 Momma Rabbit ♥
Grave Yard Rabbits also have carnivals so book mark their site as there are some awesome Rabbit blogs outs there ;-) 

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