Monday, April 2, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

What a surprise I had this morning upon my return to blog land ! I received this award from Polly over at Pagan by Design .
This is an award that helps us get to know one another .
We are to list 7 things about ourselves and then list 15 blogs which are new and inspiring to us .
I like Polly may bend the rules a tad because I honestly have not found many new blogs lately I'm kinda of slack in blog visiting as of late . However I have no shortage of awesome blogs to list because frankly I'm a blog addict and I follow over 300 of them ! There are so many awesome blogs when our interests vary .
When it comes to religion I follow pagan , christian , muslim , aboriginal , catholic .
Of course I follow homeschooling blogs of all kinds . Cooking & cultural blogs are a must for inspiration .
Then there are just a ton of homesteading , survival & nature blogs I love .
so just a few things about me
* I had/have a twin who died in utero whom I named Rosemary Agatha
* was born with a third nipple & a big Mongolian birthmark on my tailbone
* I am a lover of romance , mystery and tradition
* love sweets ,  homemade pastries , pies and juice drinks
* prefer to teach children rather than adults
* am a morning person and love a morning fire & sunrises
* spiritually I work with the plant world very well
* I feel very strongly about being an advocate for children
* I love cemetaries and walking with souls and very much connected to many spiritual worlds
* I'm trying to be confident and step into my role as elder & shaman being older & a granny this list could go on & on

Below are a few blogs I follow
if Your blog is listed feel free to take the award for yourself & take part too

Land & People   is a wonderful blog about food & farming politics
in Lebanon & the Arab world . It is extremely educational and has opened my eyes to the struggle of small farmers across the globe who are interconnected .

shh, don't wake the drunken housewife  Lol how can one not like this blog with a title like that !

Dancing in a Field of Tansy  reminds me of my hippy mama self when I get lost ;-)

Path of Divine Love   her art work is awesome & amazing and also has another awesome blog I love 

I Heart the Goddess  Tereza always lifts me up with her posts I never leave her blog feeling anything but affirmed in who I am .
Laughing Duck Farm   okay I've listed Melodie's farm before but how can I not again , she is such an inspiration in the small homestead and her posts crack me up at times and who can resist those photos she posts of all the animals 

my little fellow wants the computer now so I'm going to stop . I'd like to list a few more blogs that help me in parenting and natural living but time time time , this Mum has got to get moving 


  1. Merry Meet Rox!

    Thank you so much for sharing a little more of yourself!

    I'm honored that you named my blog amongst your favorites and that you're able to get something positive from it.

    Thank you for the award . . . it truly is an honor!

    Blessed Be,
    I Heart the Goddess

  2. Ooh, I love reading more about the people I adore around the WWW!

    Thank you for sharing your personal tidbits with us ~ now I'm anxious to meet those you've nominated. :D


  3. Thank you so much for this; I so appreciate it! I'm honored, truly. xxoo the DH