Saturday, May 19, 2012

Earth day Everyday & Plastic Pagans

I won't deceive you this post is mostly a rant .
Yes I'm so peeved and ticked and disgusted by people who claim to be earth loving , caring for , respectful of mother earth and it is all for show , to appear cool and fit in .
I'm sorry but I've had it with material plastic pagans . I think its even more horrid behaviour than fanatical Christians because its calling oneself pagan to appear to have an image but its all false and used to self indulge . I mean Christians sort of can get off in a way the ones who feel the earth , animals whatever were given for us to take belief system . Most believe we are to be stewards of the earth . however pagans it is their claim that they are one with the earth . it is the base of their religious values , the core .
Yet it is these self serving plastics that are just getting to me . 
This was spurred on by one family who moved to the country claiming to be earth loving and I'm just so disgusted by the behaviour . 
I wrote before about many of the areas in our province we are dealing with dying lakes , forests on fire etc.
We've had the trouble of ATV use here and in particular starting forest fires . 
Now our province has had a ban on ATV use and open fires because of several fires this month . 
 So what does this family do ? why purchase more ATV and go off tearing up the forest as always . 
I mean what more could we expect from people who use plastic flowers to celebrate Beltaine .
But honestly with all the knowledge given lately in our press about the damage done by ATV why on earth would a supposed earth caring person , pagan or not go out and buy more destructive vehicles?
As I said before we are not against ATV use , just like plastic the invention of it and purpose have been exploited and abused by majority . 
Forestry people use ATV to check fire roads and for poaching , farmers use them to check on cattle , crops etc. 
but it is the people who move to the country to sit and watch satellite tv , drink beer , destroy the land that I just can't stand . 
something good has to come out of my rant , yes ? lol 
So re-thinking Earth day everyday I am trying to stick to the positive . To remember our purpose .
I really came to see how proud I am of our kids . Our ds Indigo just took another great course . This one to learn more about wild edibles. I wrote about his learning traditional hide tanning too . We really are trying . My dh wants to work with horses instead of machines , maybe oxen too . 
Our eldest likes to travel , and although I do not fully agree with the whole travel thing due to leaving a huge carbon footprint I am glad she takes Eco travel seriously . 
Our eldest ds Dacotah is gearing up to study both Aboriginal & Environmental studies at University .

We are not perfect and I don't want to give the impression we are . But its when people claim to be what they are not and not even attempting to love the earth that drives me mad . 
So like I said we may not be perfect but we try to make the proper choices to do the less harm we can in regards to caring for natural resources . 
I look at it like this does not belong to us . We need care for it for those who come after us and if each generation would think like that . That we need look after for the next the earth would be in a lot better shape . 

here is Indigo digging cat tail roots & shoots 

his traditional smokehouse 

morel mushrooms 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Non Core Shamanism , Animism Respecting All

As I finished my painting Between Two Worlds in my Shamanic journey the topic of Non core Shamanism & Animism  keeps coming up for me .
it is nothing new I have issue with so called spiritual programs that charge money .that a spiritual healer learns via apprenticeship more often than not . that plastic shaman who sell crystals gathered from raping the land & have big plastic angel statues bought at walmart are not shamans .rather it is all based on ego, being lost & feeling ever so important but at a cost of taking from others .
I know sounds harsh .I'm not a fluffy everything is light & joy person .
I was encouraged to paint the vision I'd had during the Moon Voices in Action gathering for Aboriginal women healing from the generational effects of residential school abuse .
The issue of true Shamanism and what Animism truly is as well. 
The topic of Animism again connected to the abuse of plants , animals , water etc. 
Animism means soul life , truly meaning we believe all creation every little spec has soul & spirit . 
I find a common mistake people make is wanting to give other beings human qualities or characteristics . Just as we like to do it for gods & goddesses .
All species have soul yet all species are unique and have their own identity . all have levels of intelligence , I personally think probably more intelligent then the human species but that is comparing and it conflicts with seeing things as unique beings .
In true Animism we are to treat plant , animal as beings of knowledge and not assume we somehow know the plant better than the plant knowing us . 
To truly know why an animal or plant is calling us to come work with them requires patience & respect . Respect to just keep quiet , calm and wait most of all. 
As a lay folk person I am appalled at the misuse of plants for so called journeying in what is labeled shamanism but it is not . 
True Shamans journey with just the help of plants being able to follow and journey with a plant does not mean consuming the plant .
most people who continuously use so called flying ointments to travel are not truly doing so . 
Plants such as psychoactive ones are rarely used and when they are it is only for specific ceremony and purpose .Often only once or a few times per year .
If one continuously uses plants by consumption then they no longer are aware of if they themselves are journeying with spirit or is it a chemical reaction in the brain .
true Shamans have forms of helping travel such as fasting ,dance, Shake tent , Drums , Rattles , elements .
Another thing a few of us are thinking is these so called witches recipes , where did they come from ? 
If they were written down was the purpose for self use or by chance to distract and lead an enemy to use something that may mess them up ? 
I honestly do not believe any recipes are written down . Why ? Because honestly think about it , Medicine peoples , Cunning Folk were often people living a reclusive life , country folk , wisewoman . People in communities valued their knowledge . And common folk did not read nor write . During the Inquisition there was in fact a printing ban during certain periods . paper was very scarce . would common country wisewomen have paper , ink and pen ? would they know how to write ? 
yes there is chance knowledge was passed down but if so it would've been done orally not by written word . 
Anyway it is my guess the wisewoman of Europe the Shamans etc. worked with plants without the consumption of them in order to travel . 
I see core Shamanism as yet just another thing people lost want to belong , people with big ego get boosted and of course a way to make a big dollar .
My mentor says she never accepts money she teaches for free and it is my duty to now teach . 
this is great affirmation for me because I too have always struggled with the concept of money . 
Bartering is a different story because we all have gifts to share .
 A bit about the painting , it is Black Spruce in our world and the spirit world and the light in between . Black spruce is used to help us enter into the two worlds to connect both . this is often done via placing the resin on the fire . 
So Black Spruce is the tree I use to enter both worlds . The light in between represents balance & peace . 
The staff with feathers represents honour , wisdom respect and the Eagle feathers are a sign from above from  the other world to help us see . 
I'm not sure now what I'll do with the painting , the vision was stuck in my head and I had to get it out into this world . sort of like a shopping list ;-)
so now what ?
Be patient , go on , keep packing for the lake and just go on with life .

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Burial & Banishment

If You read my post on the whole dog incident its no surprise that I tend to work alot in the area of protection .

Most often I find in regards to banishment I've always been called to work with  the element of fire in dealing with getting rid of negative issues .either by way of candles using herbs etc. or having an actual fire .
However lately I've really felt called to use the ritual of burial in my work .

so after my work with the banishing of others was over we went out to our property . 
I took the doll I'd made earlier to represent myself to the spot up on the hill which overlooks the valley & small lake . 

I dug a hole 

and placed myself in the hole so I may become one with this area , oversee our land and begin to build our new home here . 

3 yrs ago I lost my ex to lung cancer . At the time of his death I prayed much and attending his funeral I lined his coffin with cedar & birch bark .
I made this beautiful beeswax candle to honour his memory .

I came to realize this past April that although I did all this it really was for our bio dd 31yo . 
through the last 3 yrs I still had to go through the grieving myself . 
It wasn't til my teacher told me that my ex was still attached to me , our home etc. that I really came to see I needed to put this at rest .
When he passed our dd inherited everything as he had no other living relatives . 
We also came into possession of items that had belonged to his common law partner who had just passed away 2 yrs before him .
One item was a huge chunk of amethyst . 
I have had it in my altar room for the past 3 yrs . However it always gave me a weird vibe . I had cleaned it of all the smoke smell it had collected , set it in moonlight but the thing still did not sit well with me . 
I thought of items I also had of my ex . The biggest the little beater of a Toyota which I love . It gets me around I can zip here and there without using huge amounts of fuel etc. 

that was it I knew what I had to do . 
Now this was not banishment so much as it was a collecting of leftover stuff that needed to be dealt with and a final goodbye . 

so I placed the amethyst in the car 

 I gave it a good smudging . Told my ex thank you for the vehicle ...

then when I went out to my Mums I walked to the sand cliffs .

I chose the spot where the pine look over the lake . 

dug a hole 

took the stone 

and buried it . I know some people might think what a waste , its a huge stone . I really had no use for it and it just never felt like it was mine . 

Now he is settled he has a lovely spiritual view .
Earlier that same week our dd 26 had asked me to come over and bless / cleanse their home . 
I did sweeping , smudging & sprinkling of salt water and oil. Placed salt in all windows and above doors . outside and inside . 
I also placed two rocks in the home the master bedroom & basement . This was to gather any evil that need be banished .

I then drove to Piney forest . Pine is known for great protection .

They are very strong majestic trees growing in soil many plants cannot tolerate . 

again I dug a hole and placed the stones within . 
I encircled the space with salt and put it to rest .

again I trust spirit , that I've been told & shown the what to do and places to visit . 

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds

Black Spruce calls 
invitation comes 
soul companion 
Eagle eyes soar 
Wolf along side 
Sparrow's gentle hop 
snow clean 
no harm here 
awaken Spirit true 
  blood knowledge given 
sacred space  
 two touch 
denials release
skin shed 
destiny always the giver of balance 
   contentment of heart 
between two worlds the gift will come