Saturday, May 19, 2012

Earth day Everyday & Plastic Pagans

I won't deceive you this post is mostly a rant .
Yes I'm so peeved and ticked and disgusted by people who claim to be earth loving , caring for , respectful of mother earth and it is all for show , to appear cool and fit in .
I'm sorry but I've had it with material plastic pagans . I think its even more horrid behaviour than fanatical Christians because its calling oneself pagan to appear to have an image but its all false and used to self indulge . I mean Christians sort of can get off in a way the ones who feel the earth , animals whatever were given for us to take belief system . Most believe we are to be stewards of the earth . however pagans it is their claim that they are one with the earth . it is the base of their religious values , the core .
Yet it is these self serving plastics that are just getting to me . 
This was spurred on by one family who moved to the country claiming to be earth loving and I'm just so disgusted by the behaviour . 
I wrote before about many of the areas in our province we are dealing with dying lakes , forests on fire etc.
We've had the trouble of ATV use here and in particular starting forest fires . 
Now our province has had a ban on ATV use and open fires because of several fires this month . 
 So what does this family do ? why purchase more ATV and go off tearing up the forest as always . 
I mean what more could we expect from people who use plastic flowers to celebrate Beltaine .
But honestly with all the knowledge given lately in our press about the damage done by ATV why on earth would a supposed earth caring person , pagan or not go out and buy more destructive vehicles?
As I said before we are not against ATV use , just like plastic the invention of it and purpose have been exploited and abused by majority . 
Forestry people use ATV to check fire roads and for poaching , farmers use them to check on cattle , crops etc. 
but it is the people who move to the country to sit and watch satellite tv , drink beer , destroy the land that I just can't stand . 
something good has to come out of my rant , yes ? lol 
So re-thinking Earth day everyday I am trying to stick to the positive . To remember our purpose .
I really came to see how proud I am of our kids . Our ds Indigo just took another great course . This one to learn more about wild edibles. I wrote about his learning traditional hide tanning too . We really are trying . My dh wants to work with horses instead of machines , maybe oxen too . 
Our eldest likes to travel , and although I do not fully agree with the whole travel thing due to leaving a huge carbon footprint I am glad she takes Eco travel seriously . 
Our eldest ds Dacotah is gearing up to study both Aboriginal & Environmental studies at University .

We are not perfect and I don't want to give the impression we are . But its when people claim to be what they are not and not even attempting to love the earth that drives me mad . 
So like I said we may not be perfect but we try to make the proper choices to do the less harm we can in regards to caring for natural resources . 
I look at it like this does not belong to us . We need care for it for those who come after us and if each generation would think like that . That we need look after for the next the earth would be in a lot better shape . 

here is Indigo digging cat tail roots & shoots 

his traditional smokehouse 

morel mushrooms 

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  1. Absolutely LOVE your post! You've added a new term to my vocabulary with a very definitive meaning: "Plastic Pagans" - LOVE it!!