Sunday, October 28, 2012

On Flying Ointments

Yes I began to make them , Flying Ointments that is . This summer while away , while I had time to walk my wild walk and really get down & dirty in the bush .
I've been away for so long and have so much to share . After 5 months away and attending the goddess festival this past August . I also began a new business blog The Womb of Willow which I shall post in a new entry soon .
For now here is my latest article on the flying ointments or what I like to call them is journey salve ☺

" What are Flying Ointments ? What do they do ? What are they for ?" These are the questions I most get when people browse over my ointments at the market ☺ Flying ointments are basically a salve made by infusing vegtable oils or animal fats with different plants , herbs and anything really which can aide us in other world/ realm travel. That is the purpose of a flying ointment , specifically to aide us to help us cross over , to help us see, to help guide us , to help protect us .

Flying ointments contain items which will help us also in specific areas such as seeing , protection , healing . Usually used personally but also in group almost always within a ritual with specific intent and purpose . At times it may be to aide us in helping another or the intent is to help us learn for ourselves.

There are many people writing about flying ointments these days . Each person has thier own version of what Traditionally these ointments were , are and should be . Some people claim all flying ointments must contain psychoactive plants . I don't disagree and I'm sure at times these ointments may have occasionally . However I do disagree that all ointments must contain them . This is because being a true animist I believe all plants , animals etc. have purpose and spirit . All are capable of being teacher . So the May Violet is just as important a teacher to me as Belladonna . I for example use eagle Feather in one of my ointments , down of Thistle in another . This is because each has the capabilities of helping us in certain areas of learning , seeing ...

I feel that the purpose of the ointment is to be able to have access to these plants in order to work in a certain area such as healing or protection . The fact is it may be hard to have all these items on hand at one time . Often one plant is to be harvested in spring like Cedar yet another like Tobacco is much later in the season . Also some people may not have access to Eagle Feathers at all so this way in the flying ointment they have that very much real
& live interaction with it through the ointment .

yes I have begun to use and work with the baneful plants . However this does not mean I am called to ever consume them . If I am I will have no doubt walked first with a plant for yrs . For instance I have walked with Wormwood since I was about 4yo . It always has been a very strong plant ally walking with me in great protection . This does not mean I ever consumed it . Not until two yrs ago when I began to pick it for purpose to work with it using it within the home . Then to add to the ointments .The same goes for Balm of Gilead , the buds from the Poplar have been used for healing slaves for generations so that is why I felt totally comfortable using it now within ointments.

I have written mostly on the why people should not use these ointments . I may sell them but I also do not wish for people to go into something blindly , it may end up giving them a flop of a journey and it is also very disrespectful of the teachers within the ointments . I make 3 ointments so far . Yes I have tried them all . That is Basically why I make these 3, I know them closest and know them well .Yes I have tried the Toad !

As I said there are many writings online , even youtube videos now of people making these . I can say they are almost all young people . I'm sorry but as a crone as an elder I observe most of these people have not worked with these plants long enough to use them in this form and several I've heard, seen are youngsters searching for attention and ego boosting . I work with these plants now more intimatly because I am older . When young I was mother I had small children round and about . I also may have not had the patience nor respect yet . Now I am older I do work more closely and use them wisely . I also ask people before purchasing to meditate , pray , walk in silence and see what ointment calls to you . Just as the ointments are our teacher I am too and it would not be wise for me to just let people go blindly into journeying without guiding them wisely .

I reccomend reading Susun Weeds writings on the subject and also Dale Pendell . For more info on psychoactive plants the books by Christian Ratsch are not bad but again I want to restate that not all peoples used psychoactive plants for travel . I know that it is a very common misconception that Aboriginal peoples used these plants for travel and while some tribes did ,many many did not . There is an excellent writeup in Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler on the misuse of baneful herbs in prep of making ointments . It is not my intent to frighten or scare one away from ointment use ;-) It is my intent to help people learn to take our nature teachers seriously .Flying Ointments are a wonderful aide /tool for us . I thouroghly enjoy them very much .

If You would like more information on a specific ointment or plant please feel free to write me . 

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