Thursday, March 14, 2013

eagle willow moon drum

Meet my drum Eagle Willow Moon !
I finished her this January . Something I know I've mentioned for along time was feeling called back. Called to a return of the heartbeat . The drum.
I made her way back in Oct. yet knew she was not complete . She had to be blessed yet was not ready .
I knew I wanted to paint her . To use natural plant dyes . To have the image of willow and the moon .
I had the vision still in my head of a dark Indigo night with willow tree & full moon over .
Also very much I have felt since our ds Indigo was called to the drum we are to make drums together. Indigo drums .
So I used Indigo , henna, cinnamon & tumeric .
I was so pleased how she turned out ! I had no idea though of her purpose of her teachings .
I had no idea when , how or where to bless her.Well the where that is sort of a lie I did know wtare she was to be blessed by water.
Then it was our youngest ds 12 pointed out to me Look Mum when the drum is upside down the tree becomes an Eagle ! Yes there is Eagle , big feet and talons grabbing at the moon !
Now this drom became even more special to me . I knew right where I was to take her for the blessing . Lake Winnipeg & the shore where the Eagles have been returning !
Yet it is winter ? January , no water ? Yes water ! Frozen water !
How special a time & place this was for me .
This was the month and year I became exactly half a century old !

This has been a special winter as it has been the first cold , lots of snow winter in along time .
So off I went , I stayed 3 days out at my Mums place . daytime blessing .For all the moon is brillent during night I am a day person . However there was the Moon hanging in the sky on a bright sunshiney day above our  frozen Sister Lake Winnipeg. Her healing should happen all Year long not just in warm months .
So I smudged our sacred space

I stepped out onto the ice coat of my Sister. Stood strong and played my drum . I know her purpose now too . She is a water bush drum . Also a personal drum . A solitary drum . She is not a big group or public drum . I will eventually make a drum for that purpose . I will try very hard to play her in the bush & by the water each day . I hope more Eagles & healing will come .I'm not sure yet but I have a feeling she is teaching me to walk for water . I think it is obvious she already began .
Now Eagle Willow Moon  & I are one .

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