Monday, April 29, 2013

Harvesting with Ancestors

We had such an amazing restoring day yesterday I would love to share .
You all know how I love picking / harvesting and this yr. seems to be evolving into an exceptionally productive yr. Both for supply & spirit .
The beginning of picking in late winter began with the return of Eagles & encouragment of the ancestors. Eagles to our family represent the grandfathers .
Yesterday we actually got out of the city early so we could have an extra long day til nightfall arrived.
It was the last day for me to pick the poplar buds for balm of gilead .The buds are already dried up on some trees.
When I first arrived I wanted to check on the clay deposits for harvesting . the snow has receeded and the clay is exposed now ! As I looked down in the spot right under the Eagle tree I found my first Eagle feather of the season !A beautiful gift of confirmation . as I mentioned before our ds 17yo & I always find the feathers .
When I was soaking up the sun beams picking the poplar buds I began to think 7 meditate .Harvesting is the perfect time for prayer & thinking on things . I began to think of harvesting Cedar sacred tree of healing , protection & the dead . I thought how some tribes here teach only men can pick cedar because it is a male medicine . so many tribes have different customs . Does it make it a for sure , an absolute for us . well no of course not . For some tobacco is like this only men grow & harvest it .
Anyway Cedar I work with most often when someone is passing , it helps in cleansing & protecing towards death .
I have been asked to harvest & collect from others but mostly ancestors .
I was thinking this while meditating . How my great grandmother was of the people of Cedar . she picked , they used it for thier homes , medicines , shade in heat etc.
so I thought yes I am to pick Cedar I have permission of my ancestors .
I then looked up at the sky above . There not one but two Eagles , riding on the winds . circling over & over again !
I put down my pail and raised my arms up to the sky .Palms open & upward . I gave a huge prayer of Thanks . It also turns out these Eagles nest in the bush in a spruce on our property !
after the affirmation of Eagles I picked for perhaps 1/2 hr. longer then heard a sound , an ever so silent sound . I was not familiar with this sound . I looked down to the ground and there crawling along the slushy snow in the hot sun was a garter snake ! The first of the season .
We had a great day dh got the tractor unstuck and did his thing , ds12 made dams with the newly flowing ditch water .

We also saw several turkey vultures eating road kill on our drive home .
This was a great day of re-affirming who we are as a family .I am ever so thankful & inspired for the week ahead .

Saturday, April 13, 2013

spiritual red flags

( I had a friend on fb share this today .If it is Your photo and wish me to take it down I will )

I'll admit this post is a bit of a rant sparked by someone's poking fun , mocking me once again . Then I read that statement by Gandhi today a friend shared on fb. in the end truth is still truth. I've always said even in denial truth is still truth .
 hence this post  the why I believe red flags are everywhere . warnings , omens , caution , the practice of discernment and prudence. 
Being involved in the area of child sexual abuse I have hit the wall of those who do not want to believe more than those willing to accept .
I guess the fact is as people we like to make our own good judgements, our own choices, form our own opinions . Yet do we not take the upbeat helpful opinions of others to heart. readily eager to accept .
 yet there are always red flags . even in the spiritual . the what not to approach or not to do may be in fact even more valuable than the what to do .
I mean were there not red flags leading up to Jones Town ? what about David Koresh ? The fellow who set up the sweat lodge in AZ desert and people died ? How many children could have been spared sexual torture by members of the church had people chose to acknowledge the red flags ?

Normally I'd write this on my blog regarding abuse but the fact is it belongs in every aspect of our daily lives. to be aware . to be cautious.
I experienced red flags regarding a group within the Native American Church . No it did not mean because of a few the whole church was abusive but I darn well knew and learned to stay away from those few ! These people kept skipping province to province to avoid charges of child sexual abuse .

If I recieve an omen of warning I know to trust. be it spiritual or not . just because an omen can be serious does not mean it is not a posative thing . I mean if it warns me to keep my family safe that result of that red flag is very posative to me .
if I feel our children may be at risk within a certain relationship or group well its worth the risk to say No .
there are millions of people , thousands of groups on this planet so saying No to one just leaves the door open to recieve and say yes to the right one .
I know the person mocking me does it out of wishing to hurt me . it stems from fear of staying in denial , of what it would take to come out of that denial . to own staying with an abusive partner and denial of child abuse is abuse in itself.
 so I'm sticking with Gandhi today and yes perhaps by myself . but in the end truth is truth and I'm hoping I'm willing to recognize and accept those red flags when they may appear  .