Saturday, April 13, 2013

spiritual red flags

( I had a friend on fb share this today .If it is Your photo and wish me to take it down I will )

I'll admit this post is a bit of a rant sparked by someone's poking fun , mocking me once again . Then I read that statement by Gandhi today a friend shared on fb. in the end truth is still truth. I've always said even in denial truth is still truth .
 hence this post  the why I believe red flags are everywhere . warnings , omens , caution , the practice of discernment and prudence. 
Being involved in the area of child sexual abuse I have hit the wall of those who do not want to believe more than those willing to accept .
I guess the fact is as people we like to make our own good judgements, our own choices, form our own opinions . Yet do we not take the upbeat helpful opinions of others to heart. readily eager to accept .
 yet there are always red flags . even in the spiritual . the what not to approach or not to do may be in fact even more valuable than the what to do .
I mean were there not red flags leading up to Jones Town ? what about David Koresh ? The fellow who set up the sweat lodge in AZ desert and people died ? How many children could have been spared sexual torture by members of the church had people chose to acknowledge the red flags ?

Normally I'd write this on my blog regarding abuse but the fact is it belongs in every aspect of our daily lives. to be aware . to be cautious.
I experienced red flags regarding a group within the Native American Church . No it did not mean because of a few the whole church was abusive but I darn well knew and learned to stay away from those few ! These people kept skipping province to province to avoid charges of child sexual abuse .

If I recieve an omen of warning I know to trust. be it spiritual or not . just because an omen can be serious does not mean it is not a posative thing . I mean if it warns me to keep my family safe that result of that red flag is very posative to me .
if I feel our children may be at risk within a certain relationship or group well its worth the risk to say No .
there are millions of people , thousands of groups on this planet so saying No to one just leaves the door open to recieve and say yes to the right one .
I know the person mocking me does it out of wishing to hurt me . it stems from fear of staying in denial , of what it would take to come out of that denial . to own staying with an abusive partner and denial of child abuse is abuse in itself.
 so I'm sticking with Gandhi today and yes perhaps by myself . but in the end truth is truth and I'm hoping I'm willing to recognize and accept those red flags when they may appear  .

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