Monday, May 20, 2013

50 Amazing Years !

Once again not enough time in this life to get it all done lol
I'd been planning to post this way back in Jan. after my 50th year celebration ! I also wanted to post amazing pictures from infant through to grannyhood .
I've got two other articles to write yet ;-)
Our 6 amazing children arranged a surprise party for me with all my gal pals of over 30 yrs now ! Can you imagine that !
I'd love to write about my childhood my beautiful grandmother , all my beautiful teachers but I'm getting ready for a gathering and sale of my products etc.
maybe next week I will have time to post more .
for now most of you know by now I began selling all my wood , felt & herbal creations last yr. My business is doing great ! We , meaning my partner Bob & I have begun our 30th yr. together & as you know bought our retirement/ homestead property two yrs ago now . It will be hard to leave the home we've been in 19 yrs & the area we've been in 30 yrs ! all the potlucks , homeschooling ,  home births , animals & friends etc. coming and going from our home ,of course we will cry when it sells .
We have as I said 6 amazing children , we've raised healthy & wholely into amazing individuals ! We have had a blast , tiresome yes , but what joys & blessings ! camping , volunteering , travel .Lol I often had 3-4 extra kids in the house or the van during those younger years with all the kids buddies tagging along . our children are proof of our labour and if it was a fruitful labour .
our eldest is owner of her own home & business & teacher at a local college . Our 2nd dd is an awesome  Mother herself ,  married & works in accounting /mortgages recently bought her 2nd home in the same hippy granola area we raised our children , our 3rd is studying environmental journalism woohoo , 4 is a construction worker and amazing guitar player , 5th is turning out to be able to fix anything & everything like his dad , he is also an amazing bushman loving the north so much , our 6th & youngest hopes to be a police officer he is doing amazing now since his diagnosis with hashimotos & iritis .
And yes I know I don't write enough about this ;-) we are grandparents ! Our dd just had our 2nd grandson ! boy of 4 directions , he is literally of every colour in the 4 directions .
So that is just a brief little pic into the amazing gift of 50 yrs of life .hopefully I can share more at some point .

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