Friday, November 29, 2013

Steam Smudges & What They Are

Steam Smudges

So have You guessed ,I love making smudges as well as teas lol . Some have asked what is a steam smudge so here is a brief & simple description A steam smudge is used in the same purpose & intent  a smoked smudge is used  be it magical, spiritual or medicinal . Instead of using smoke steam is used . Steam smudge can be done via  presoaking smudge in water than throwing the sacred water on hot stones or coals . However for indoors  the easy way to do a steam smudge is placing a pan of water on the back of the stove bringing it to a boil and adding the smudge blend to the water . turning down to very low heat letting the steam slowly scent the home throughout the day .  This was a practice learned from both my grandmother  & mother . Of course a woodstove is best ;-)  One can also carry the pan around the home to bless , cleanse and protect the home smudging in all areas of the home . Steam smudging is an excellent alternative to smoke smudging for those with asthma and also during winter months when doors and windows cannot be open for smoke to escape. 

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