Thursday, October 23, 2014

isil /isis falsehood & true Syrian / Indigenous roots

I'm writing this in response to the senseless death of 4 young men here in Canada . 4 dead sons . as a mother of 4 young men & of Syrian ancestry this of course is a deep sadness in my heart , my whole being .
   this won't be long because there really isn't much to say just the hope that perhaps those searching info on this false group may come upon this & re-think falsehoods that are being fed to them .
It is a given there are people in the world from the beginning of time who have made it up , try to control & have power over others . this exists in all communities in both new & old world . & there always be those of us who work to protect the innocent the lesser than .
let me also say that the middle east & northern India are regions of the world that are a part of my roots . I own this . I honour my ancestors very much from these regions of the world just as I do my Irish , Swiss & North American side .
so get this the original peoples of the region of Syria / Lebanon & Palestine where my family is from were originally in the very beginning animistic peoples . all the Hebraic religions of these areas are falsehoods . man made . the gods & god that formed came via the Hittites . people inter marry inter mingle & eventually take on the customs & yes beliefs of each other . patriarchy formed . now even before matriarchy these original peoples were just animistic people that is it not worshiping goddess or god .
pretty simple eh . my relations carried these views with them . the names of family members represented often animals or plants & sacred place . they were medicine people before they ever fled to North America . These roots are true they never died no matter what religion tried to cover up the true being . So anyone thinking Judaism , Christianity or Islam are true religions of these areas it is actually false .
I mostly see young men drawn to these extreme falsehoods in the guise of being true & mostly because what is offered . what is offered is an extension of the want of a spoiled person who wants whatever they can have at no expense to others & more importantly the planet . mostly men who have grown up in a world where they were given everything as children & then once having to be responsible caregivers don't want to have to do that but rather want everything given to them . what else is new ? selfish greedy people destroying environment & their own kind . of course it is cowardly that is seen in their actions .
so anyway my point is the true people of Syria etc. never were Islamic it is not the true Indigenous belief system of that area . so if you are a young man being led into these false hoods it is far stronger & very hard work to actually be an animist than a guy with a gun .You will have to care for children , sustain the earth & work hard to help keep the balance of all living things , keep the water clean , grow food for a people . That is the true brave way of the Syrian people .
Women teach your children well if you come upon this . teach them as givers of life return your sons to true animistic ways & your daughters will grow strong & both our sons & daughters will be equal with earth water plant animal etc. teach true history that actually has nothing to do with religion made up in the heads of men  that never was a part of your roots in the first place .All peoples true Indigenous roots lay within animism .

Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Reading List

While my living room is now packed with at least 15 boxes of books to move out for the spring-fall migration & still the bookshelves left behind are lined with books left behind . Yes , I still take out library books & make reading lists LOL !
Remember I am always reading a book in every room , seriously ;-)
plus I will have the grandkids a lot so reopening so many seasonal story books , all those old Waldorf themed activity books !
Okay get this , Lost Lake just came in for me at the library !!!
I have read each of her books 3 times . garden spells still my fav .
 for sure reading #'s 7 8, & 9 in the Robin Paige Mystery Series !
so addicted to every thing Susan Wittig Albert writes even her non fiction stuff . I discovered her via the China Bayles book of Days
that was it, I was hooked ,  mysteries written on botany !  
So I am in line for the next China Bayles mystery from the library
I am also really really enjoying the new series titled The Darling Dahlias also dealing with gardening , recipes etc.
of course I will read all my herb , tree books , but I don't want to list ever re-read etc.
 will say the plant I am re-connecting big time on an ancestral level is Indigo . Many know I named my 5th child & 3rd son Indigo .
He is just like is namesake . deep dark sacred & mysterious .
This plant is one of the most sacred holy plants I know .
so I am reading what ever I can get my hands on !
Right now I am reading Indigo by Catherine McKinley
she like I is truly in love with this plant & for her journey into Indigo is like mine as in connecting with ancestry .while I am loving it her focus of the plant is its travels & life within the African nations .So while I am really enjoying it , it is not satisfying my need to connect with the plant of the east & the Mediterranean regions .  Although my new grandbaby has African heritage so maybe it is a good connect on that .
I am also trying very hard to learn my Indigenous history from the Swiss/German region , discovering clans etc. my maternal grandmother was Pennsylvania Dutch .that is the area her people came from . So far I'm only finding internet resources of pre-Christian history .
I am still fascinated with the Neolithic & Natufian cultures of my eastern ancestry . 
ok I really have to wrap this up lol
here are a few others I am re-reading for reference .