Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Reading List

While my living room is now packed with at least 15 boxes of books to move out for the spring-fall migration & still the bookshelves left behind are lined with books left behind . Yes , I still take out library books & make reading lists LOL !
Remember I am always reading a book in every room , seriously ;-)
plus I will have the grandkids a lot so reopening so many seasonal story books , all those old Waldorf themed activity books !
Okay get this , Lost Lake just came in for me at the library !!!
I have read each of her books 3 times . garden spells still my fav .
 for sure reading #'s 7 8, & 9 in the Robin Paige Mystery Series !
so addicted to every thing Susan Wittig Albert writes even her non fiction stuff . I discovered her via the China Bayles book of Days
that was it, I was hooked ,  mysteries written on botany !  
So I am in line for the next China Bayles mystery from the library
I am also really really enjoying the new series titled The Darling Dahlias also dealing with gardening , recipes etc.
of course I will read all my herb , tree books , but I don't want to list ever re-read etc.
 will say the plant I am re-connecting big time on an ancestral level is Indigo . Many know I named my 5th child & 3rd son Indigo .
He is just like is namesake . deep dark sacred & mysterious .
This plant is one of the most sacred holy plants I know .
so I am reading what ever I can get my hands on !
Right now I am reading Indigo by Catherine McKinley
she like I is truly in love with this plant & for her journey into Indigo is like mine as in connecting with ancestry .while I am loving it her focus of the plant is its travels & life within the African nations .So while I am really enjoying it , it is not satisfying my need to connect with the plant of the east & the Mediterranean regions .  Although my new grandbaby has African heritage so maybe it is a good connect on that .
I am also trying very hard to learn my Indigenous history from the Swiss/German region , discovering clans etc. my maternal grandmother was Pennsylvania Dutch .that is the area her people came from . So far I'm only finding internet resources of pre-Christian history .
I am still fascinated with the Neolithic & Natufian cultures of my eastern ancestry . 
ok I really have to wrap this up lol
here are a few others I am re-reading for reference .

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