Tuesday, January 20, 2015

journeying & psychoactive plants

feeling the need to write on this again . the cautions that is especially relating to younger people who in fact many are being misguided .
spiritual red flags again . there are red flags in everything prudence & discernment .
many younger people do not have elders especially those from European countries who live here in NA . many turn to search via NA indigenous groups .
some of which also have no clue what they are doing . there are false , even bad medicine people within indigenous circles . The colour of ones skin does not make one holy , connected to nature or trustworthy !  European people also claiming to be shamans who are not .
There is a person I know right now claiming to teach traditional birthing / pregnancy knowledge . this person is riding the cool wave . yet never experienced traditional birthing , nor breastfeeding etc.
every single younger generation has had times of experimental uses of alcohol & drug usage. all plants are drugs to some extent .My son jokes that I am a drug dealer because I sell teas etc.
when I was younger the cool wave was peyote . The latest craze is ayahuasca there were false teachers using this to gain power . to manipulate & abuse others . many women were sexually assaulted & now it is known also children .
we need to ask ourselves about sharing of knowledge & cultural appropriation .
So you can see why it is so important that if peoples do not have a spiritual community or elders to go to it is up to us to be those elders . to give proper teachings . we have to become the beginning . the starting point for tradition .
In animistic society all things contain spirit & therefore all things are able to aide us in a journey . be it here on this earth or within other worlds .
Many cultures did not in fact use any form of psychoactive substance in order to journey to other realms . Many used fasting , isolation , fire , water , rattles , drumming etc. in order to achieve trance & journey .
So someone should be willing able to value & travel with spruce just as they would mandrake or peyote .
As I've written before on psychoactive plants & flying ointments I wanted to revisit & explain a bit why I came to choice to no longer sell the ointments .
Basically it comes down to trust & responsibility !
I came to the conclusion that via observation that no matter how close someone claims to be respectful & close to & listens to the natural world . it is just a fact the majority are trying but do not actually fully grasp full teaching of animism .
Also I am accountable & responsible for the sharing & teaching just as much as the customer consuming .
I know other people selling these ointments don't feel that way but honestly we are we have a part in the outcome of what we give to others .
The older I get the more I feel this responsibility for our younger generations .
If You are a person who is searching via loneliness , needing to belong  I know it can be hard . wanting to trust , wanting need for community .
Yet it is at times worth it to say no in order for a yes door to open .
Many authentic shamans are very isolated people . they in fact do not have large followings . very humble & do not usually charge money at all for sharing with others .
Again as older generation it is up to us not to misguide our youth & shame on those who teach falsely in the name of cool & self boosting .

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