Aboriginal Spirit

This is not going to be a page on what I call generic aboriginalism
nor is it to promote the romantizied or fluffy image of the Native American each era have been guilty of doing .Also first off all people came from Indigenous peoples . Everyone single one of us has original ancestry .
If one wants a true image of what Aboriginal or Metis cultures etc. within the Americas are like I suggest you read truthful historical accurate first hand accounts by people who lived . Watch APTN and shows like North of 60 or Blackstone etc. Read the true stories of the development of reserves , residential schools , Treaties and what assimilation really was and the effects it had on people.  because assimilation and segegation are not gone and in fact are even promoted within the culture by aboriginal people themselves . I will not get into how in this day and age skin tone is still a huge issue even amongst the so called liberal minded . the issue of bloodline etc. how much aboriginal blood one has etc. So like I said I'm just writing about the true spiritual being of certain peoples I know personally .
Also there are Indigenous peoples every where all over the earth .every single person originally came from an Indigenous group . Find Your group as best You can .
I believe one can be Souix just as one can be Italian . One can learn and become part of a culture & a people as many of our ancestors did and were & are mixed blood. One can study with a people and learn religious & spiritual beliefs and indeed become an aboriginal religion just as much as a Chinese person can become a catholic or an Irishman can become a Buddhist .
So if you feel drawn to or connected to an aboriginal religion or culture go for it .
Read real books , watch real docs & tv , and most of all meet the real people , live amongst them maybe forever . Get citizenship .
Sorry but I don't believe in segregation especially when it puts hate onto the next generation of another nation  .