cunning folk soul keeper , seer , curandera...

Lol Oh my , I thought I had already written on this page and would only need list some reference materials !
I honestly think I've written about this topic so often in my regular posts I need not go to deeply into it .
As I've said many times before I believe a person is true in being not wanting to be .
Not all are called to be a cunning  etc.
It is a spiritual practice but more often called to work with the spirit world  healing , death & souls .
I like Thom Cowan's explanation of a Druid is not a shaman but a shaman can be a Druid .
If everyone was meant to be then why did so many peoples just have a few within the society .
Some are called to be warriors , hunters , story tellers .
I have no doubt I am who I am and that is a cunning person .
Yes I have elders , read books , learn from others but in the end it is me through and through my whole being always was from the moment of conception . I am not a wanna be ;-)
working with tools such as plants animals , spirits , sound , sight etc.
the most important thing is not to doubt that which is given . Yet also being able to practice much patience , prudence and discernment .
I think I know how my dh is in regards to teaching music . I just didn't get how could he not teach people the how to part of playing music . Well it is because for him and music it just is . He knows it . It is a part of him he just cannot teach it to another because with him music is is spiritual gift .
He can jam and help with the odd cord etc. but he cannot teach nor give his spiritual gift unless , it is also a gift of another .
Does that make any sense ?
I can speak about my journeys to some extent and try and explain but I just in no way can teach another who is not also called to be a seer .
The true seer already has the gift of vision within . I've written about some who use the aide of psychoactive plants to help in the journey of vision .
Many do not use nor do we need the aides of these p[lants . It is not that I am against the use but rather that one needs very aware weather the plants are calling to one for this purpose .
also I feel I must make the expereince of vision known , the difference between true vision and false .
Vision is always given before affirmation not the other way around . Many claim to have received vision when really it is based upon hearing , seeing the experience of another the mind can manipulate for many reasons and there is a clear and distict difference between wanting to attain vision and actually having vision .
 again the sole purpose is nothing to do with self it is always in regards to working with others helping community . many abuse and try and steal for self gratification and to feel good .
true folk people do not charge money to help others either .
My work , my learning has rarely cost anything . If I've had to invest money it is within means .
My library has almost all the books I list , my elders  never charged me ever to teach me anything .
I am now gifted with one of the most beautiful  teachers I could ever have needed . It is almost eery how our lives are so very similar . I waited patiently for my teacher and she was given .She is indeed a beautiful gift .
If You feel called that this is who You are then no doubt you already know that people , signs , omens are just given .
below are a few references that perhaps can help You alone your way too. ♥

Cry of the Eagle Encounters with a Cree Healer ( this is my absolute fav book that first inspired me of who I am spiritually not new agey at all ! )



For info on faerie doctors and the fey pleae look under the page I have already written on that .