Divination & Omens ( signs )

Divination ~ to forsee ~ to be inspired by god/dess ~ to see via the divine

omen ~ signs both good or bad foretelling of the future

Let me say again that we cannot expect to be given clear divination , clear sight etc. if we are not willing to both accept the good and bad foretellings ~ omens . divination is not to be used to manipulate the divine into getting the outcome or material pocessions we want .
 Also the purpose of foretelling of cuation a sign of something possibly bad to come is still in fact to help us to respond in the best way possible .So in turn a bad omen is always for the good . It what we choose to do when we are sent the signs which is of importance .
     As mentioned I often am given clear vision , shown the what to do with the gift of sight , yet at times if I wish verification I can turn to other tools of divination to reassure myself this is truly of the Divine . also a big tip , if you are unclear if the divine is inspiring you , the biggest thing to do , is wait . patience .
So my number one tool of affirmation for divining is , get this .... books ! yes the written word . My # 1 form of divination is called bibliomancy    I've always had this form of divination but I learned its official title when readinging the book Candlemas by Amber K.    I often use my bible for this but other books will do too . I rarely use tarot but if and when I do I use the traditional tarot deck and I usually only pull up one card on a reading . 
I also use the elements mostly in divination and this is where the omens are most seen . Again usually foretelling comes to me in form of vision and then I use tools or creator sends omens .
   I'm talking the elements in their natural state. Such as wind changing and has different meaning upon its direction etc. , fire be it lightening in the sky , the sun ( I love sun dogs too ) the ritual fire as well can often show signs often I'm led to burn certain wood in regards to whom I am praying for , earth shows us many signs if she is suffering , if she is well nourished , we are given different gifts from the earth in order to sustain us we walk with our ancestors along the same ancient paths they did , water within a cup , rain , lake , river stream , pond all are capable of cleansing us helping us be washed clean to see crystal clear what is to come . My old anty just told me this spring the motion of the waves is called the seven sisters . imagine seven all working togethr yet all part of that one wave .
  also animals are sent to us be it for the hunt to help feed our families or to remind us of what is to come . when we are shown a sign an omen we must always be willing to look at the darker side , a negative side . for the elemnts show us that one is always not going to be in a state of calm and there can be a great rage , torent , hurricane etc. we need be respectful to all omens given . Animals , plants all have a positive / negative side . a crow like many birds is a messenger , are we willing to be open to the message and have the strength to give a message as he does . or crows can be tricksters , tey can be misleading too they also are great gabbers and when in a group can talk to much and not listen very well . so we must be slow and patient when given an omen we must reflect and if open and trusting the reason will be given .
I can say one autumn I kept seeing a deer especially female deer . Deer represent life in aboriginal culture here . It was a period of time when I was praying for a soul misled and I was given a most beautiful vision as I am also a name giver for spiritual names . It came to me as I saw in my vision this woman attending a birth and catching the babe as the waters flowed out . Her name is calm deer at running waters . A good  name for a midwife is it not ☺ however the next week I saw yet another deer , it was sickly and it did the most disturbing thing , it jumped into the water during a storm swimming out into the endless lake , our boys were there and I knew this upset them so but I had no time to prevent them from witnessing this . That deer reminded me of the storm my friend was in instead of helping women in birth she ran off chasing material dreams with an abusive man , .That deer was a bad omen , it was the opposite of what a healthy deer would or should be doing just as my friend was doing .
Animals also can be our free spirit , our clan animals etc. I belong to both the eagle & bear clan and my free spirit is the wolf . my dh clan is the wolf , our dd is of the turtle clan , some of our children are the same as I some like my dh or like our dd not the same clan  as us at all .
You will know your clan and spirit guides be they animal plant or mineral because they unlike those that come and go come and go when need be our spirit guides or familiars are and always have been with us all our lives .
Our youngest ds is of the deer clan and his guide is a deer that is for certain . He always has encountered young male deer when out on his own yet ! he is only 10 yrs. and it has happened over and over again . last yr. one gave him a gift of his antler .what an honour for our ds !
that is all I can write for now . I'd love to come back and list meanings of certain animals etc. and of course correct my spelling mistakes ;-)