The Fairy Well !!
I am so excited about writing on this page ! I once again am in a Fey learning mood ☺
I am into all things Fey right now .
Truely I love the faery since a child . Having my Grandmother and Mum read those tales of Grimm , Anderson and Lang . I loved , loved Aesop's Fables !
As homeschooling Mother I was so delighted to also read these to our children .
I think being a seer I never did doubt the exisitence of Fey .
 I think my beleif has grown and gets deeper in wisdom but the truth for me always has been Fey & thier world are a part of my life ☺
As a child I loved the woods my mother , grandmother & great grandmother had all lived in . I always dreamed of growing up to be a granny and one with spirits , animals & creation.
As a young teen I really got into Gnomes & Elves ! I was delighted when my Mother & Gramma gave me the book of Gnomes . I loved the study of their lives and homes I pictured them living in Germany in the Black Forest . I loved Gnomes so much that the calendar in which I kept track of my first pregnancy was a Gnome calendar lol ! I saved that for my dd who is now 30 yrs old !
Actually her dady , my ex , loved fairies . He used to by me calendars & cards by his fav faery artist who's name has just completely left me but I will hunt her down rest assured ☺ He also gifted me with a copy of The Doyle Diary a book of drawings and diary entries by the father of Arthur Conan Doyle . I have to confess this book creeped me out a bit and I gave it away .I was only 18 yrs old then I think I could probably handle it now
In my late twenties I met a fellow Elf lover a good friend and he introduced me to Elf Quest . He was thrilled to have someone to talk of all things Elven with me .
I would like to list books & websites here for both adult & child . For I think it equally important as a parent, caregiver , teacher to pass on this knowldge . I also feel as a good teacher it is also good to also remain both child & elder within our heart so I read children's books for myself all on my own too .There is much one can learn and take from the simple yet power of a well told children's story /book !
for now below are some photos I took of my grandmother's property , the foundation of the old homestead , stairs & well are aged , and to me old a deep peace and wisdom within . To me this is a helpful door leading to the world of Fey ☺
so enjoy !
I'll be back with a twinkle & a charm
til then blessed be !
Oh my I cannot beleive I left this for so long Lol !
I'll continue on below the photos ☺

I was thinking today what a blessing homeschooling has been for me . It has kept me alive , given me community and most of all , all these yrs I kept up my education !
Today I was re-reading the story of Lugh I've read to the kids so many times .Then was reminded of the Sidhe  and the people of Danu  
I've very much been enjoying reading online more about the Fey from Sacred Texts
and yes I found this site many many yrs ago via our homeschooling .
Of course I always have loved reading and learning so no doubt would've found my way to such titles ayway but it is one of my all time fav sites ! 
Did I mention I love Yeats lol of course I did ! He also recorded so much history of local lore .
I'm really encouraged to learn more and more .

Kitchen Witch by Cora Anderson

The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries  by   W. Y. Evans-Wentz

The Secret Common Wealth of Elves , Fauns and Fairies by  Robert Kirk and Andrew Lang

For Children

The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

You can find more selections here on The Ireland for Kids website