Natural Magick Living

And this, our life , exempt from public haunt , finds tongues in trees , books in the running brooks , sermons in stones and good in everything . ~ William Shakespeare 

I ♥ Shakespeare
I often write of how I like things in their natural state on our healthy living blog . No hair dyes , plastic toys etc.
I feel the same about my folk studies & magikal life for myself and our children .
rarely do I order a plant from elsewhere . I try and use beeswax candles .
My statues are chunks of wood & stone .
I'm trying to drink sweetgrass tea instead of green tea .
So it makes sense I chose to visit blog & websites that help me grow and inspire me in this natural life .
There are some books I really have enjoyed to inspire natural magikal living .
I am not wiccan nor neopagan .Yet I have gotten some good ideas from wiccan authors . I try and not exclude anyone or thier beliefs and religion . I know many people in North America the first exposure to witchcraft is via wiccan books and groups . So I hope to list at least those authors who represent natural wicca and respect Mother Earth .
I tend to not fall into promoting nor reading the trendy witchcraft , shamanism books that are out to make big bucks . I am definatly into non core shamanism , rather Midewiwin .

I tend to follow what is given naturally from  lay folk people , elders who give freely & read accurate historical text often recored first hand information .
Texts found via university libraries , online sacred texts have helped me immensly as well as those given by my grandmother and other people of old.
Elders tend to share freely knowldge which was given them freely by their elders and so forth .
 I do not leave out christian or any other teachings which are passed on just as I chose to pass on the old and new .
Like I said I won't list books from my other blogs because I try and keep this content mostly about the spiritual & also adult content .

I have tons of books on ethnobotany ect. and have written many posts on wildcrafting on The Heathy Heathen

Also on our homeschool blog books on parenting etc. I cannot say once again how we are the true example for our littles it is very important to me what is passed on is true and real to help those next generations .
I tend to follow the solstices and equinoxes and not wiccan feast days . although some are the same but rather I feel our harvest days and ancestoral days are practiced from the traditions of local tradition . So day of the dead may be my fav feast day but it always was because of time of year here and my grandmothers birthday , my connection to the monacrh butterfly & the protective pine of Michoacan .
Of course having children it is important to create rountine and customs which I've found via waldorf education etc. these feast days tend to be celebrated by all not belonging to any one religion .
I view my spiritual & magic not my religion but a part of it .
So natural living , I'm only going to list books I really love and websites I really get much inspiriation in regards to natural magickal living .


Natural Magic by Nigel Pennick

The Goddess is in the Details  I love this book by Deborah Blake so much !

Three Hands Press

Hedge Wytch

The Cauldron

The Real Witches' Craft by Kate West  , she is by far one of my fav authors

Natural Witchery,  Cottage Witchery , Garden Witch's Herbal  all by Ellen Dugan her book on Mabon is my fav of all the books written in the Sabbat series .

Pure Magic by Judika Illes is the first book of hers I would reccomend reading , after that I can say all her books are awesome amazing ! Just in love with her work .

Earth Magic by Claire Nahmad reminds me of the femenist writings I read in the 80's . I guess it sort of reconnects me with my old hippie self ;-)

Speaking of my hippie self I cannot go without mentioning

Harish Johari   all his books are absolutely incredible . Esspecially his

Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine

Conscious Conception

Sage Woman & Crone mag

Llewellyn Yearly Herbal


Cornish Witchcraft

Traditional Cornish Witchcraft

Susun Weed

Wood Wife's Journal

I wish I could find the website for Jeannine Parvati Baker but it appears down now . Certainly if one does a search on her several wonderful refferences come up . She has always been a divine teacher since I discovered her work in the early 80's . She along with Raven Lang were very instrumental in leading me into healthy lifestyle choices as such a young parent . I am ever grateful for the help of these elders .
whew I'm tired again more later ;-)