I so love a poem !
poetry is something I have always loved and has been apart of my soul being fulfilled .
I also have very fond memory and connection to poetry through my Grandmother .
She was a published poet and writer as well.
 She in my early childhood is the one who read me all my classics and , yes poems . as I grew she would mail me a poem each month .I so looked forward to these treassures .
I hope to add to this collection but for now here is one I wrote not to long ago for my soul sister .

E'er the two Shall Meet

earth &wind ,
 fire & water
balance in the middle
at the cross roads
anam cara
soul sisters
e'er the two shall meet
blessed be

sorrow ,  grief acknowledged
  bendable the soul heals
true sorrow in a part played
tears wash
touch heals
divine spiral light
the sisters dance

Inner Strength

Inner strength is that which empowers one to step into life real & true.
Inner strength is that which brings forth perseverence in truth when facing persecution.
Inner strength is that which that defends the child innocent rather than remain with abusive beast.
Inner strength is that which leaves the many behind to walk the path least chosen.
Inner strength is that which is not to strike another when blamed , mocked and shunned.
Inner strength is that which endures the bruisings of hard labour in order to recieve much fruit.
Inner strength is that which is bendable to be the change within onesself.
Inner strength is that which instills calm within heart, mind & spirit while Kaos stirs about.
Inner strength is that which comes to true empathy bringing balance to the struggle within.
Inner strength is that which is the hope to foresee the grace yet to come.
Inner strength is that which leads to the ultimate outcome of contented harmony.
in all of these doth lie true inner strength


Mabon , summers end time of balance , merriment and cider shared.
The true harvest where herbs hang and grape to wine .
The time where two meet light of day and dark of night.
When sun a fire and blanket of night embrace.
Souls centered and well balanced gather at the crossroad.
A time of Baba Yaga tales told while spirit of turnip, parsnip and marrow abound.
Balanced within a soul light prepared for the silent snow laden journey ahead.
Sisters wind Santa Ana south and Sacred Crone north grow together again
and dance  above tree top in joyous celebration.
Oh Aura of Mabon how Your colours inspire great thanksgiving of a year well reaped.

Cedar Marais

moss , granite , birch
Kateri's forest
prayer rock grand
Joseph finds a home
Little Flower awaits
In Cedar Marais blessed are we

The Vow

dance upon the hillside
sun shines upon my face
silent vow recited
dedicated forever to humble obedience
walking  the forest of acients
 rosary  under rowan red
all welcome at the feast of thy table
nothing more
forever grateful

Out My Window

sunlight on white wall
shadow of Elm
 Morning Glory
Virginia creeping
tea pouring
true bliss

Spring Equinox

 sparrows flutter
mexican sun strong
seeds begin to grow
especially in the mind

Little Oak

stand little oak
golden moss caressing
 arm branches welcoming
open hands , lean fingers reaching
try to touch the sky
O glorious oak

Free Spirit

freeing spirit
open wings
freedom high

Season of Souls

air crisp as souls breath
marigold is autumns delight
candlelight upon gravestones hard
grandmothers of before & souls remembered
in thee we are blessed
pine of protection
honouring ancients humble &  bright
Lord & Lady touch soft reminds
Angels grand & Spirit  bends
flutters mariposa returning
All are One in this
a season of souls

child like

May I rise & rest with words of gratitude on my breath
May I have the heart & mind of a child in my depth
May I forever be a light
May peace , love & hope be my sight


Oh Lord & Lady
please keep me small
teeny tiney
let me be forever open , to acknowldge the wrong choices  
 rather then live life on the assumption one is forever right
forever bendable

Samhain Spiritual Connections

Spirit leaves spiral dance
Wind talk directions meet
Spirit in , spirit of,  spirit come
Veil thin, worlds one
Life cord, memory touch , ancestors deep
root held strong in sacred ground
ancient path journey is the walk of souls
Spiritual connections of light renewed

Pine Juniper Cedar

the blend today
holding me strong
Kateri wrapped in birch
comfort in soul sisters , companion to go on
memories held and pain acknowledged
does love let go ?
or perhaps bind forever more ?
the heart can only heal the question asked not that which remains hidden
so the blend reminds
strength of unity in pine
juniper to restore light within the spirit
the cedar cleanse of a deep healing
this is the true blend of the day

Out of Where
hug a bear , eat a tree, kiss a snake
like a menagerie of Alice
the world awaits
light sky , clouds adrift
free to chose,
touch and sparkle shine
moss floor , balsam spread
branches grow
filtered light
safe here
talk not
hand firm reminds
see the grin of peace
no worry then
happy spirit
I return
hug a bear , eat a tree, kiss a snake


Tree of Sun , Southern Stand
Growth from fire
Protector of gentle wings
Souls fly again
In root and branch
Tree of my heart
Strength does dwell
Lifting ever more spirit strong and true
Reborn morning light
Tree of gentle breath
Faerie dance and mushroom grow
Branch of comforts bed
Cooling summer , deer below
Chrism and needle soft
Cleanse spirit light
Reflection of Balsam
Shine true