Tree, Herb , Flower , Spirit

I think it is apparent that  I pretty much believe in Animism
and very much so in my plant world .
I tend to use plants mostly in my spiritual work compared to the  gems or crystals or even animals . 
We must view , believe and respect plant or anything as an intelligent being not an item .
On this blog I deal mostly with the spiritual . If You want more reference for the medicinal qualities and help finding books please visit my other blog on healthy living .
I will be back later to write more .I've got to go fix dinner for the crew ☺
back again
It is true almost every plant I use the spiritual will almost always also match the medicinal qualities of that plant . So if you are not sure of a plants spiritual strengths & no magickal texts have explanation , # pray with the plant , #2 look it up in an herbal that is medicinal .
You will no doubt figure out what the spiritual work of the plant is .

First off it does help to have a few books on the how too's of herbal prep of harvesting , production of herbs , trees etc. so I will list just a couple

The Herbalists Way   is a must have

The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook

Herbal Body Book

Then there are the books that I oh so love that have helped me learn more to acknowledge plants as teacher 
Sacred Plant Medicine

The Meaning of Trees

The Spirit of Trees

Canadian Forest Tree Essences

Witchcraft Medicine    

Plant Spirit Healing

Healing Wise

Plants of the Gods

All the Plant Books  by the poetic  Dale Pendell

Language of Flowers

Folklore and Symbolism of Flowers , Plants & Trees

The Real Witches Garden

Hygieia a Woman's Herbal

There are also many sources now offering  courses in both the spiritual & medicinal workings with the plant world . Many can be very pricey though and as well many are online .
I personally feel once again it best to pray and be patient and look to what might be offered locally . Either from a herbalists shop or local community groups including Indigenous peoples of your area .
So below I'll just list a few online sources for teachings online and hands on .

Susun Weed Herbal Courses

The Foundation for Gaian Studies  Stephen Buhner

Anima Healing Arts